Nautilos SAR

The Nautilos Search and Rescue Team, a nonprofit and NGO, was established to protect and save lives. A completely volunteer based organization with the simple aim to attempt to save lives from accidents at sea. Our objective is to train the public in safety procedures, to prevent accidents from occurring and to assist victims of accidents to reach safety. A second and equally important objective is protecting our environment. The Nautilos SAR Team undertakes several beach an sea clean up operations each year. Other than the beach cleanup operations we also undertake several attempts at marine conservation and protection. We study the conservation of marine life and research the effects of climate change and over fishing on our marine ecosystems. We also conduct research in several vital fields. We are also the team in charge of the diving at an archaeological ancient ship wreck. Additionally we undertake project to do with the youth of our country.

We try to keep our young people active in various activities so that they may interact with other young people and also people from other countries. Many aspects of our project include cultural interaction with other European and non European organisations. Take the time to visit each section of our operations to discover how you can help change our world for the better.

Name Description
Organisation Name Nautilos SAR
Location Cyprus,