Mladí občané

Organization, Young Citizens, was founded in 2014 by university students of different interests but with a common goal – to improve the public space in the Czech Republic. As of September 2017, the organization has more than 50 members. One of the main things that we do not avoid, and vice versa, we strongly support, is the convergence of young people and politics. Maybe it does not sound too appealing, but it is up to us to learn to make responsible decisions about our society.

We try to achieve this goal with several different educational projects, where the main emphasis is placed on the key skills every democrat should acquire during their young life – argumentative skills, basic understanding of the political system surrounding them and critical analysis. All of those projects are brought to pupils in a friendly non-formal environment, where they are equal to the experts delivering them the workshops, lectures or discussions.

Name Description
Organisation Name Mladí občané
Location Czech Republic,