IDSA is a young ambitious initiative by more than 100 Hungarian university students, whose aim is to educate high-school and university student at Budapest and beyond that in main cities about international & current affairs; international organizations like the United Nations and the European Union. We deliver skill-based courses to our members, training to our partners and lectures to our audience mainly through modelling these institutions with the highlight being our annual international conference: MUNAPEST, which being unique of its’ kind as it brings interconnected committees and delegates to a MUN conference, like nowhere seen around the world. IDSA, as the Youth Department of the United Nations Association of Hungary, strives to foster initiatives like ours outside of Budapest, by accompanying our Youth Delegate on their country, and by revisiting these sites to teach them further. Above all, we are trying to remain just a student association which is bound together by the supporting and joyful community.

Name Description
Organisation Name NDT/IDSA
Mail kovacsdgeza@idsa.hu
Website http://idsa.hu/
Location Hungary,