European Diaspora Council

Eu Diaspora Council is a non- profit organization that organized activities at local, national and international level, It represents and supports the interests of youth organizations and uses its collective experience to act on issues that impact on young people. Eu Diaspora Council contributed to the democratic development by raising the awareness of the existence of equal opportunities for all, organizing gender workshops and conferences and an organized campaign to counter racism and discrimination. EDC promotes and carries out: volunteering activities at a local, regional, national and international level and activities of boosting, supporting and coordinating of volunteering itself; informative, scholastic and professional orienting, cultural, social, recreational and editorial activities; seminar and formative training aimed to organizations, social workers and youths; formative, promotional and informative initiative related to specific themes linked with the third sector, the global challenges, etc.

EDC cooperates with organizations, local bodies and institutions that foster similar objectives, especially with the local municipality. There are several working groups that works on specific themes (social inclusion, migrants and minorities, …) and transversal activities (communication, artistic events, …); among these a subgroup coordinated by a responsible work specifically on the Erasmus plus projects and on the coordination and promotion of the activities linked to it.

EDC organized together with the local organizations and institutions specific projects to foster the integration of youngsters with fewer opportunities. Several members of EDC have got a specific preparation related to this theme due to direct experience in the field and international training courses. The EDC experts together with the social workers of other institutions will facilitate the participation and the integration of youngsters with fewer opportunities in local and international projects.

Name Description
Organisation Name European Diaspora Council
Location Sweden,