Europauniversität Viadrina Frankfurt Oder

The Master in European Studies (MES) at Europa-Universität VIadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) is a multilingual and interdisciplinary Master of Arts (M.A.) degree program. Consisting of four different academic fields – Law, Cultural Studies, Political Science and Business Studies – lectures are held mostly in German but also in English, French and Polish. There is additionally the opportunity to apply for one of our three Double Degree programs with Poznań (Poland), Strasbourg (France) and Istanbul (Turkey). The degree enables the individual to acquire an interdisciplinary and critical view on cultural, political, economic and legal developments in a European context. The problems inherent in an expanding Europe will be analysed, along with the possible solutions that are available. The Masters program is research-based, thus the corresponding research methods in each subject area are taught.

Name Description
Organisation Name Europauniversität Viadrina Frankfurt Oder
Location Germany,