Sting for Consultancy and Design

Sting for Consultancy and Design is a social enterprise offering consultancy services for developmental endeavors in Egypt and the Middle East. Our core services are creating and delivering capacity development and project management training as well as developing tailored training manuals. Additionally, we design our own non-formal educational programs which are delivered directly to target groups including women, refugees, and youth. In addition, we develop self-funded products and services grounded in non-formal education for the purpose of capacity building within the community. Sting is also experienced in documentation and evaluation of development projects. Highlighting impact stories, successful implementation strategies, lessons learned, and recommendations for future potential. Some of the international partners we have worked with include: GIZ, British Council, Catholic Relief Services, Care International, Terre des Hommes, UNHCR, Handicap International, DEDI as well as partners from the government including the National Council for Women.

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Organisation Name Sting for Consultancy and Design
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