Kosovo Disability Forum

“Description: Kosovo Disability Forum (KDF) is a non-profit umbrella organization and a representative mechanism of Disabled People’s Organizations in Kosovo. KDF has been established under close assistance of European Union Office in Kosovo, as an organization who uniformly represents, defends and promotes the rights of persons with disabilities. Kosovo Disability Forum has been officially registered in 2017; even though, it was established since in 2014. The mission of KDF is to address and advocate for issues of national importance affecting the lives of citizens with disabilities, who make up 12% - 15% of the total number of the population in our country. KDF is consisted by eight Organizations of Persons with disabilities.

The members of KDF are:

  1. Kosovo Association of the Blind
  2. Kosovo Deaf Organization,
  3. Handikos- Association of Paraplegics and Paralyzed Children of Kosovo
  4. Handikep Kosovo,
  5. OPFAKOS- Organization of Parents of Children with Disabilities in Kosovo
  6. Autism Association,
  7. Down Syndrome Kosovo,
  8. Deshira Club - Persons with Mental Disabilities

KDF is aiming to unify the strategies, policies and movements of its member organizations in order to better represent the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities in our country. Recently, KDF became a member of European Disability Forum, which is an organization that represents 80 million people with disabilities across Europe. The membership in EDF is a good opportunity to represent persons with disabilities in Kosovo at the European level and to actively participate in the decision-making processes. KDF aspires to forge stronger alliances and to establish new networks of cooperation with people with different disabilities from other Countries in an effort to streamline their advocacy efforts.”

Name Description
Organisation Name Kosovo Disability Forum
Mail ilirjanageci@kdf-ks.org
Website https://www.facebook.com/Kosova-Disability-Forum-1023476471130453/
Location Kosovo,