JEF Deutschland

The Young European Federalists Germany (JEF Deutschland) is a nonpartisan youth organisation established in 1949. Starting as a peace project, the tasks and demands for the European Union have increased tremendously during the last decades. Recurring to its long trajectory, the JEF Deutschland envisages to promote the evolution of the “United States of Europe”, enabling the creation of a federal European state. Taking the increasing importance of the European Union into mind, we critically accompany the process of European integration, supporting political education in the field of European politics, promoting awareness for the importance of the European level. Encompassing about 3.000 people from the age of 15 to 35 we prepare information about European politics for young people and get together at schools, universities and diverse panels. Doing this, we co-operate with several youth organisations and associations. We also organize trainings for our members and above that comprise training in methods for intercultural dialogue, cross-border cooperation and management of transnational projects. JEF Deutschland promotes the values of democracy, federalisms, inclusive prosperous societies as the establishment of a European constitution.

Name Description
Organisation Name JEF Deutschland
Location Germany,