Civil Forum

“Civil Forum - is the unique non-state officially operating youth organization in Belarus. Our organization acts to raise the civil activity of young people and encourage them to be socially and politically involved. Youth is the main target group of Civil Forum. The organization was founded in 1996. In 1999 Civil Forum won Margaret Tatcher’s award as the best youth democratic organization in Europe. Civil Forum holds seminars, conferences and trainings for its members, as well as cultural and sports events, and organizes youth camps and role plays, study circles and debates on nonformal education, social inclusion, environmental protection, human rights topics and other. We target to encourage youth participation. Civil Forum cooperates with international and foreign organizations on the principles of equality and mutual respect. Apart from active participation in the electoral process in Belarus, members also participated as candidates and observers in general (2013/2016) and local (2014) election and will do so for the local elections in 2018. They participated in international observation missions on general elections and elections in European parliament in Norway, Sweden and Lithuania, observation missions on general elections in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and other countries. Education, discussions as local urban and sport events help to promote liberal and democratic ideas among youth.

The organisation has great experience European international projects in the field of interaction with Erasmus+ programme, International Federation of Liberal Youth, Liberal Youth of Europe, European Minority Youth Network, New Media Foundation and oth. It proves that development active inclusion belarussian youth in European international projects is one of the main aims for Civil Forum. “

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Organisation Name Civil Forum
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