Bulgarian Youth Forum

Bulgarian Youth Forum is a youth organisation, which supports the young people in their efforts to be complete and active persons in the society. In this connection we aim to establish and facilitate socially beneficial activities, having a direct and indirect impact on developing the youth potential. On account of this we have activities in different spheres which can be of interest for the young people like human rights, social work, tolerance, saving of cultural and historical heritage, developing the tourism in unpopular region and supporting the appearance of new working places for the young people there and so on. As our members are with different social and cultural background we know how important it is for them to have equal possibilities for personal and professional development and to play an active role in the society. Through this we show the young people how important is to live in peace and to be united as this is a way to promote the democratic virtues and make them a stable base for the prosperity and development of our society.

Name Description
Organisation Name Bulgarian Youth Forum
Mail bulgarianyf@gmail.com
Website http://bulgarianyf.eu/home/
Location Bulgaria,